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Nordstrom also said it offers thousands of brands and cuts about 10 percent each year based performance. The IvankaTrump brand was no longer listed on the company's website Thursday evening, and a search of her products on the site turned up just a few pairs of shoes, all of which had been marked down in price. Raj Mathai (@rajmathai) February 3, เสื้อคู่สวยๆ facebook 2017 Her business has also come under fire after she appeared on CBS' "60 Minutes" wearing a nearly $11,000 gold bracelet from her jewelry line and someone from the company sent photos from the interview, seeking free publicity. She said on Facebook in January she would take a formal leave of absence from her brand and from the Trump Organization but said she was confident both businesses would continue to thrive. *We* did it. Let's keep at it, shall we? https://t.co/NmCv8etrTQ Shannon Coulter (@shannoncoulter) February 3, 2017 "I am absolutely thrilled, and I know the vast majority of Grab Your Wallet participants will be as well," said Shannon Coulter, a co-founder of Grab Your Wallet. "Im particularly dazzled to see consumers flexing their consumer power in favor of a more ethical and inclusive society. I think this is a huge win for them and for Grab Your Wallet." Coulter went on to say the campaign isn't over yet.

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REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah 3/5 left right Civil defense members work at a site hit by airstrikes in the rebel-held city of Idlib, Syria February 7, 2017. REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah 4/5 left right People search for survivors under the rubble of a site hit by airstrikes in the rebel-held city of Idlib, Syria February 7, 2017. REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah 5/5 AMMAN At least 15 people died in air strikes on the rebel-held Syrian city of Idlib on Tuesday, in some of the heaviest raids there in months, residents and a rescue worker said. Around eight attacks by what were believed to be Russian jets wounded scores of people and leveled several multi-storey buildings in residential areas of the northwestern city, they added. "We are still pulling bodies from the rubble," Issam al Idlibi, a volunteer civil defense worker, said. Most of the casualties were civilians and the death toll would probably rise, he added. The extent of the damage and the debris bore the hallmarks of a Russian attack, said two witnesses. There was no immediate comment from Moscow. Russian planes have targeted a number of towns and villages in the area since entering the Syrian conflict in September 2015 to back ally President Bashar al-Assad. But activists and residents said there had been a reduction of Russian strikes in Idlib province since a Turkish-Russian brokered cessation of hostilities late December. Planes from the U.S.-led coalition have also launched a number of attacks in the rural province, a major stronghold of jihadists, many of them formerly affiliated to al Qaeda.

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